Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well I've been sewing

Bought this wallet at the Bag Lady.
Couldn't resist. 
A couple weeks ago I found a little handmade store in Charlotte near a Starbucks. Its called the Bag Lady. Which I think is so funny, since my mom used to be called that. She used to make grocery bags when I was a kid and got the nickname. I have been sewing since I was younger and really making things for the last 10 years. I usually keep a coffee sleeve in my purse for when I get coffee, hot or cold. So I stopped in this store with my coffee and sleeve a gal who works at the Bag Lady really liked my coffee sleeve. I told her that I make them and she mentioned I should talk to the owner. I was so thrilled to hear that. So today I'm going to meet with Karen, the owner to talk about selling grocery bags, coffee sleeves, critter pouches and zipper bags. I've tried Etsy and that never became successful. I know I need to work on taking pictures with my camera too. So we will see how this goes. Here are the pictures of what I have made so far. Have a great day.

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