Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day!

So we have heard of this storm coming since Monday. My boss decided since people won't show for eye appointments then to close and not pay to have employees sit. Good idea. So the snow is slowing working through and it's nice to have time to clean and make my son's Valentine cookies without rushing at night. All is good and calm. My husband and son went to walmart to get some non cooking foods incase we lose power. Praying it's just a snow day and it's not the 6 inches that they are predicting. Besides my back yard looks pretty. 

Made a rough week to a better weekend.

Last week was a long and busy week at work. So Saturday I told my husband that I needed some fabric therapy and I would take our 18 month daughter. She needed a nap and the drive to JoAnns would be long enough. I was pleased to find some reversible jersey knit fabric 30% off and some cute cotton fabric to make a toy catcher for my daughter. So when I got to the register I pulled out my joAnns app and found a 20% total purchase. Very awesome. So when I got home I washed the fabric and Sunday afternoon my daughter took a great long nap so I got some afternoon sewing in. I made that toy catcher and one infinity scarf. Then after the kids where in bed I made two more. One for my mother in law and I have two for me. What started with creative therapy turned into business. Yeah for me! Two people want toy catchers and one scarf. Ready to go back Saturday. Hoping our snow will have melted enough for driving.
This is a better view of the colors and design. I love it.