Sunday, June 23, 2013

The differences in North Carolina

It's crazy how much rain we get. I rarely have to water my lawn. Everything grows so quickly too. I was looking back in march when we had our yard seeded for grass and all the ivy and weeds that come out are crazy. Our 4x4 garden bed with 4 tomato plants are so crowded we know for next year two plants per bed. Our zucchini leaves are so tall it's hard to find the zucchini, but when we do they are big. We ate our first bell pepper yesterday on a pizza and in a salad and it was so flavorful. I think having a garden in NC is less work than CA since the rain and humidity really does most of the work. I do plan to do winter crops this year and add two more boxes. It's really coming along nicely. I have bought canning jars and a big pot to make zucchini relish and tomato sauce. I'm ready. 

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